Monday, September 20, 2010

Family of Foreigners.

I told Brian that I didn't want to go out, no drinking/ partying for me. About twenty minutes later I caved. "Okay Brian, I will go.. BUT we are just going to sit and not talk to anyone"
Needless to say 3 hours later I had made about 11 friends. Brian and I were separated later in the night. I went off with my groupie of friends and him with a scottish lad named Darren.
We were reunited at the flat later that night :
I met him at the elevator and was like... sooooooo.... we have new friends..  hahah *nervous laugh*  "okay.. cool"
" Yupp- they are all in our apartment"
"Sweet! but Bracken...... I lost my keys. "
"What?! ,.. thats ok. we have new friends - "
" no seriously i don't know where they are.. "
"one is from ireland and there is one from here in glasgow-and then the rest are from ALL over france.. "
"Bracken! my keys.. "
" Its okay.. just come in! "

Ten minutes passed, I did all the introductions and then Brian comes out of his room with his keys. Yupp. he didn't even take them. HAH.

This was probably one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time. My new friends wanted to play a drinking game- sadly my repertoire of these is very limited. Sooo.. with a box of fridge magnets (like  200 words) I made up the game that you had to make sentences in english. If it didn't make sense - you had to drink. So twenty minutes later the game was getting pretty fun as the drunk frenchies continued to write things like " the passion for your image is procrastinate."

We visited our friends Marion, Hugo, Thomas, Kevin and Alexandre  again yesterday. Brian felt the need to correct the pronunciation of his name.. " Bwyon" .... "no.. its BrIAn" ..."BWYon" .." no.. BRIAN"... "BWWWWWYYYYOONNNN"

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